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[modifier] About the community

1. conflict resolution
Which mechanisms do exist to settle or mediate disputes or conflicts?

2. dealing with problematic behavior
Which kinds of problematic or destructive behavior do you often find yourself confronted with? Which actions are taken to meet these?

3. working climate and culture of discussion
How would you describe the working climate in your community? How do you characterize its culture of discussion? Are working tasks and roles assigned specifically, or do you handle this rather flexibly?

4. self-assessment of the community
How do you assess yourself as a community? Where do you spot strengths and weaknesses, also in comparison to other Wikipedia communities? Are there communities on which you orientate yourselves? (This question refers to the community itself, not the created articles; see item 8.)

[modifier] About the created product

5. definition as an encyclopedia / role models
What do you demand from the texts of your encyclopedia? How do you conceive your encyclopedic product: More as a pragmatic knowledge and information database or rather as standing in the tradition of classical encyclopedias? Are there reference works from past and present which serve as role models?

6. article quality
How important is the quality of the articles for you? Which actions do you take in your community to raise the level of quality and improve the articles? (Examples could be the election of featured and good articles, writing contests and time or theme oriented quality initiatives.) Which exclusion criteria are there to enforce low level demands about article quality?

7. neutrality
How important is the idea of a Neutral Point of View (NPOV) when new articles are created? How do you describe the concept of a Neutral Point of View?

8. assessment of the product
How do you judge the general condition of your encyclopedia? Where do you see strengths and weaknesses?